City Police: Motorcyclists get their knuckles wrapped already

As the ridiculous motorcyclists-now-in-bus/cycle lanes get underway, so do the Metropolitan Police (City), I’m glad to hear.

When I was at Liverpool Street (using the train to Stratford as I refused to cycle along the dangerous Aldgate/Bow Road/Olympic route) I spoke to a Cyclist Community Support Officer there who said that the police are spending a WHOLE month getting motorcyclists off ASLs and giving them ‘advice’ and fines of over £70 (or so). They’re telling these lawless motorcyclists (and no doubt motorists) that it is dangerous.

Yesterday I spotted 5 motorcyclists on an ASL and a bus. Cyclists were stuggling to find somewhere safe.

We knew this would happen but the police need to tackle this longer than a month.

At least something is being done about them in ASLs at long last.

But, have you seen a single article in a newspaper about this campaign?

So look, in the City, for a motorcyclist being fined, and send us a pic to the

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