Robert Fisk

When I was in Lebanon, he was one of the best reporters on the Middle East, very well respected. Lately I have been reading a lot of his work on the current situation. It was good that Crap Waltham Forest dug out one of Fisk’s articles and I am glad he also reminded us of the massacre in Qana, in Lebanon, by the Israelis. I have been there in South Lebanon myself, and the hospital that was blitzed by the Israelis is now an art gallery. When I was there, there were paintings about the massacre. It is one of the things that affected me deeply when I was there, particularly how I remember how warm and welcoming the residents were in Qana. I’d go back if I could.

However, Lebanon is one of the world’s worst places for cycling (just stick to the Corniche!). But then, they have had loads of other problems to put with and, whenever they improve things, things get blitzed. Though we don’t half moan about the quality of life here, there are always places a lot worse off.


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