Ronaldo crashes Ferrari in an airport tunnel

From ITN:-

“Cristiano Ronaldo was involved in a car crash on his way to training with Manchester United on Thursday morning.

The Portuguese winger’s Ferrari collided with a roadside barrier close to Manchester Airport as he travelled to United’s Carrington training ground at around 10:20 UK time.

Ronaldo was unhurt in the incident and trained normally with the rest of the squad. He is expected to play a full part in the champions’ Premier League match at home to Chelsea on Sunday.

“Officers attended and discovered a Ferrari had collided with a barrier. No one is believed to have been injured,” said a statement by Greater Manchester Police.

No further details were immediately available, curiously, but the BBC reported that the player’s car was a write-off”

The Sun adds:

“Ronaldo was travelling through a two-lane tunnel at Manchester Airport when he hit the wall – sending parts of the barrier flying across the dual carriageway”.

The media didn’t mention anything on the tunnel’s speed limit.
Good job no one was hurt. What speed was he going at? I should hope there’s CCTV in the tunnel. Let’s hope it was actually working. What was he doing the day before – drinking?). Would the same thing have happened if he drove a Fiesta? Was he not paying attention? How can he not see a wall?! Was there something wrong with the Ferrari? Who else was with him?

We want Answers!

The photo of the ‘unmistakable Ferrari elegance’, ie the scene of carnage is on:- As you can see, it looks like an old banger.

Last year in October, in Australia, a motorist driving a Ferrari ‘lost control’ and crashed into a telegraph post.

“The young man behind the wheel of this £100,000 Ferrari lost control as he sped through the streets of Adelaide, Australia, and smashed into an electricity pole”.

Here’s another story (October 2005) about a motorist ‘losing control’ of his Ferrari:

“41 year old driver was killed after losing control of his Enzo at 150 MPH. The impact was so great that it tore the car into several pieces. Locals reported having seen and heard an Enzo being driven very hard the day before”.

From the Ferrari website:

“The only company in the world to apply Formula 1 technology to its production cars throughout its history, Ferrari prides itself on building the finest high-performance road cars available today.

Ferrari’s modern GTs continue the company’s tradition for building uncompromising driver-oriented cars characterised by sheer, unbridled power, advanced aerodynamics and the unmistakable elegance of their Pininfarina-designed lines. Furthermore race-prepared models such as the 360 Challenge underline Ferrari’s commitment to its privateer racing heritage.”

Here’s a bunch of losers thinking it’s funny to speed along the Manchester Airport Tunnels:


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