So this is the kind of accident we’ll now expect then?

Just to prove that it is unsafe for cyclists with lawless motorcyclists around:

From the BBC (4/07):-

“Cyclist dies after road collision

A cyclist was killed and a motorbike rider was injured when they were in collision on an Essex road.

The riders were travelling on Star Lane, Great Wakering, when the accident occurred on Wednesday afternoon.

The pedal cyclist, a man aged in his 30s from Shoebury, Essex, was taken to Southend hospital where he later died from his injuries”

Again, this just took me a few seconds to find so there must be ‘stats’ somewhere.

Quite rightly, as Crap Waltham Forest’s blog said (see my Cycling in Waltham Forest’s link), Boris has even started to drive the car again.

As London’s roads are covered in thick ice, and not properly gritted, there is a risk of motorcyclists skidding making it even more unsafe for cyclists.

And then, if train companies, don’t have carriages for cyclists, not all cyclists can commute by train, unless they’re lucky to have a fold up. I haven’t seen Boris using a fold up so I bet he has a problem travelling part bike/part train. He is supposed to be encouraging more cyclists to get on their bike. I would have thought he would lead by example.

This comes from the Conservative Party website:


Our focus on improving public transport and providing people with viable alternatives to car travel will reduce congestion further.


Labour are blackmailing councils into introducing local road-pricing in return for vital transport funding. We will liberate this money, and let councils use it to fund the green travel initiatives that will work best in their areas, such as projects to encourage cycling and bus use”

and Winter Cycling tips from the Transport for London website:-

“Cycle in all seasons

Don’t let adverse weather disrupt your daily cycle. If you commute by bike all year statistics show that you’ll only get caught in the rain 8 times.

So keep going this winter, and make sure you’re equipped to weather anything by stocking up on the items below.

Gloves – choose breathable waterproof materials, with padded palms, non-slip brake and gear change fingers.

Lights – Flashing or steady; halogen, LED or bulb; dynamo or battery powered; you’ve got plenty of options for when the days get shorter. Fit a white light at the front and red at the rear, and use rechargeable batteries if possible.

Cycling in winter is as easy and safe as it is in the summer months

Headgear – A thin ski hat or balaclava worn under your helmet will keep your head warm.

Bike rack and panniers – Fitting a rack and bag cover or panniers will help keep your clothes and documents dry, and take a weight off your shoulders.

Mudguards – Watch your back – and front – with a pair of mudguards. They’re inexpensive and can be fitted in minutes.

Footwear – Protect your work shoes from the not-so-great outdoors. Get some waterproof cycling shoes or overshoes for rainy days.

Waterproofs – Come rain, sleet or snow, stay snug, dry and warm by choosing waterproofs with breathable fibres.

Glasses – Cycle glasses will keep bits and bugs out of your eyes, and help with low sunsets.

Tools – Carry a spare inner tube, pump and tyre levers – and make sure you know how to use them!”

I suggest Boris gets on his bike again, dons a balaclava, cycle helmet and get out again and see what cyclists have to put up with the crap ice and lawless motorcyclists in bus lanes. He can download a special copy of the Tfl’s Winter Cyclists’ Leaflet (

After all, they say it is safe:-

“Cycling in winter is as easy and safe as it is in the summer months”

Dangerous motorcyclists and icy roads is stuff of Green fairytales, innit?

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