Gaza War – Gaza Protest

Glad to see  reporting cyclists, in their varied assortment of bicyclemobiles and City Bromptons, attending the Gaza Demonstation against the Holocaust of Gaza.

As we know full well, this kind of thing won’t be covered in cycling magazines in the UK because cyclists involved in humanitarian and political activities ‘aren’t worthy’ but they do on the internet!   So, great to have some pics and commentary at last and what a turn out!

As the Israelis continue to bombard Palestinian famillies, occupy their Territories and mislead and lie to cyclists, in their tourism websites, saying  it’s perfect to cycle there, we will continue to protest and press for sanctions.

Not only is it a humanitarian disaster, it is an environmental disaster. As humans, we are here on this earth to protect it. As a farmer’s  daughter, I can only imagine, how many cows are being wiped out which help poor famillies survive not to mention the destruction of the olive trees.

The BBC dumbs the holocaust down as a ‘conflict’  but according to the Oxford Dictionary ‘air attack or serious of attacks’ is a war. Losing 900 lives in a week has gone well past a ‘conflict’.


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