A new venture -Israeli & Palestinian Cycling Blogs

In view of the interest here on Gaza and cycling in general, I have created a new blog called http://www.israelvpalestinecyclingblogs.wordpress, so cyclists get a real view of the ‘desperate’ Israeli tourism side and reality in life in Palestine and learn about other cyclists in Israel and Palestine.
The link is also in my Categories under My other Cycling Blogs.

The Palestinian cycling blogs are still limited for obvious reasons but if there are people who have heard of any, please email me on the urbancyclist@gmail.com.

It will focus on the ‘so-called eco-tourism’ over there and the destruction of it. As they are desperate for tourism, they won’t get tourists unless they stop bombing, deal with the Palestinian issue and repair the environment, because it’ll get completely ruined with the bombs, the bulldozers and then it will be covered in tarmac. They shouldn’t lie to us all the time saying it is perfect to cycle in, when it isn’t. Each time you look at the blogs, you have to find out ‘who is behind the story’, are they Israeli or Palestinian, and then you have to kind of weed out the truth from snippets of information. Reading the lies and getting the truth, is a challenge.

It will also focus on Palestine’s natural history, a reminder, before the Israeli Government make some of their own wildlife extinct and their own children, lose out forever.


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