A word about Harry

As I am not a royalist, as they’re unelected, overpaid and often ‘poor ambassadors’, I was interested in reading Republic’s comments on Harry:-

“We released the following statement to journalists on Saturday, when we were first made aware of Harry’s remarks:

“There cannot be double standards when it comes to racism in public life or in public institutions.”

“Harry’s comments are a disgrace and may seriously harm our armed forces. Racism can have serious consequences for our services personnel, for morale and for recruitment. We must expect the highest standards from someone who is not only a serving officer but who is also in line to be our Head of State.”

“Not so long ago Patrick Mercer MP was sacked from the Tory front bench for suggesting this kind of language was acceptable in the armed forces. It is not acceptable, regardless of who you are or what family you come from.”

“Harry Wales has not only demonstrated how he is unfit to be a possible future Head of State, he has shown he isn’t even fit to be a leader of men and women in the armed forces.”

“It is high time Harry was stripped of his title and privileges and withdrew from public life.”

I think Harry should be sent to Pakistan, he won’t last long!


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