Motorcyclists in Bus/Cycle Lane Saga

I cycled to Stratford yesterday so I could see ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ (which was excellent, and only £3.50 on Mondays (even more excellent) and worth watching although the main character was a bit wooden in the ‘Millionaire’ scenes). The presenter was very smarmy, thought he was great.

Back to my ride:-

Fortunately most of the motorcyclists were not allowed to cycle on the bus lane ie the London Bridge Route which was a bit of a relief.

However, when it got dark, I discovered that motorcyclists were allowed to use the very dangerous and busy Stepney to St Marys route to Stratford – it’s an extremely horrible road unfit for cyclists. On my Youtube videos (cycleod1), you see how fast they drive and motorists regularly use the cycle lanes even when they’re not supposed to, leaving us little space. It is anarchy.

There was so much noise from the traffic that I could not even hear six motorcyclists, in a posse, belching out toxic fumes, suddenly overtake me. It was a stampede. I often looked behind and there was nothing there then suddenly two minutes later, about six came at once. They allowed me no opportunity to overtake any cyclists in front of me or move out of the way if there were potholes or if there were cars legally or illegally parked, I could barely move out of the way. In short, I could not turn right otherwise they would have gone into me. They did not slow down whatsoever.

I will not be cycling that route any more. It is far too dangerous, particularly at night.

Someone was killed recently just up the road:- (Reminder: This is the part which is the ‘phantom’ Cycling Superhighway to the Olympics)


BELOW PIC: This road is dangerous for cyclists. In fact, as you can see, we have NO SAFE place to cycle. Just see how all and sundry can use it. How are we going to get past that lorry? By the way, there were loads of Cement Mixers on the road earlier. And you got it, they would use the bus lane too. So where do WE GO? Clearly we don’t have cycle lanes, they don’t exist.


Motorist/Motorcyclist/Lorry bias is causing deaths to environmentally friendly cyclists. How come the cars can have ‘three roads’ but we don’t get any?

To top it all, my lungs don’t feel good after my ride. I get the same feeling when I go past petrol stations. I feel bunged up with poisonous dust. I feel bits in my throat too.


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