Muggers on Leytonstone buses

I use the Leytonbuses from time to time, so watch out. This was in a 2005 article but it pays to be vigilent.

I will have to cycle more now.

“GANGS are operating on bus routes through Leytonstone and have carried out a spate of muggings.

Nasreen Akhtar said her 16-year-old son was grabbed round the neck and had his pocket searched by two men on the top deck of the number 257 bus.

The Warwick School, Walthamstow, pupil suffered cuts and bruises to his head as he came home from school last Monday afternoon. The men, both described as 18, struck near the Green Man roundabout.

Ms Akhtar said CCTV cameras on the bus were not working.

“He was a bit shocked and really upset which is natural after going through something like that,” she said.”

It is horrific that the CCTV wasn’t working on the bus and there were comments from the bus company.


One response to “Muggers on Leytonstone buses

  1. This happens everywhere at some time unfortunately, we occasionally get it over here.

    It mostly happens at Night time with People Fighting,Urinating,Drugtaking,and Generally Wrecking the Buses and sometimes beating up the Drivers and Hijacking the Buses.On the Tallaght Route( pronounced Talla) in the South West of Dublin it happens an awful lot. With Rocks being thrown at Buses and Drivers being beaten up for Fun. In Protest the Drivers Union the NBRU often stops the Service to West Tallaght at the Square Shopping Centre from Proceeding to West Tallaght were most of the Trouble is at 8.00pm.
    Other Areas are affected to but this is the worst.
    A couple of Days ago this is what happened on Cork Street with a Bus being Hijacked and Driver being Beaten up with the Culprit Ending up in Court.

    We have CCTV Camera’s as well but the Police does not always arrive in time and sometimes the Camera’s do not Work. Other Problem Areas in the City are Ballyfermot ,though since this is an Old Area now it has quietened down an awful lot, Rowleagh in Clondalkin, Finglas West,Blanchestown Mulhuddart. A certain amount of Trouble happens at Night in these Areas.This is the unacceptable Underbelly of City LIfe that sometimes you Stumble into occasionally.
    We are not as bad as some Cities,but you just have to keep an Eye out for it whenever it threatens.

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