My Cycling Balaclava has arrived & look at the Sleazy Packet


I bought it because it says that it’s suitable for ‘cycling’ ie when it’s ‘bloody cold’ even though the ad shows a ‘half naked big busted glamour model’ wearing virtually nothing. (All the Ebay ads with women were like it, so I had no choice). Now, I wonder where the ‘cycling theme’ comes into it?

The men in the website aren’t ‘half naked’ but if you’re a woman, you are. It’s like selling a balaclava with a half naked woman mountaineer as a model. (Umm, very realistic). Mountaineers want to look like mountaineers not like lap dancers. It’s far too cold to be wearing nothing on Everest isn’t it?

I find this advertising for ‘sportswear’ is ‘degrading’ for women. We ought to be ‘respected’ with less crap and sleazy advertising like that. I think there is a ‘time and a place’ but in sports, I don’t like it. Most men probably won’t be bothered but this is an issue of equality and respect. Why can’t the men be half naked then?!

The balaclava very nice though! (just didn’t want it in that dodgy box).

I will email them to see what they say. They can’t expect all women to like it.


3 responses to “My Cycling Balaclava has arrived & look at the Sleazy Packet

  1. If I was looking through a catalogue and found a bloke up a ladder modelling an electric drill while wearing pyjamas I would have to grudgingly admit it wasn’t a situation with which I was necessarily, shall we say, unfamiliar.

    But a balaclava? With swimwear? Are you sure this isn’t some kind of neo-surrealist advertising…?

  2. The Chap I used to Work with has a few German Shepherds that he uses in Agility Championships for Dogs and he also Trains them. He has a Balaclava for Walking with his Dogs in very bad Weather and he swears by them he says they are great. They look terrible but they are terrific for the freezing Cold.

    I have seen some Cyclists with them Commuting into Town in the very bad Weather. You usually can get them in Hiking Shops,I seem to be spending most of the time when wanting Cycling Stuff in these Shops.

  3. If this is the new fashion, then perhaps it is OK to wear them on the beach after all? Maybe I could just be ‘ahead’ of the gang and wear it when I next go to Scarborough? I just a little surprised it is not in Vogue magazine….

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