Motorist fined for eating food whilst driving

From an article in 2007 (BBC):-

Driver fined for eating sandwich

“Keith Pemberton was finishing the sandwich when he was stopped

A motorist has been given three penalty points by police for driving while eating a sandwich.

Keith Pemberton, 29, was finishing a cheese and pickle sandwich as he drove away from a supermarket in Warrington.

The salesman from Salford was stopped by officers carrying out spot checks and was deemed not to be in proper control of his car.

Mr Pemberton, who was also fined £60, said: “Three points is a very harsh punishment for eating a sandwich.”

He cannot have had full control of his vehicle if he was eating a sandwich at the same time

Mr Pemberton said: “I was totally shocked when the police pulled me over”

and a recent one from the Telegraph on 15 Jan 2009:-

“A motorist was fined £60 and given three penalty points on her licence after eating a crust of bread as she drove.

Ediri Tsekiri, a research assistant at the University of Manchester, was driving her Vauxhall Safira between appointments, when she was stopped by an officer in a marked police van.

He told her that she had been seen eating while driving and that she could have killed a child if one had stepped into the road while she was distracted by eating.

Ms Tsekiri, 36, had eaten a two-inch long fragment from a sandwich she had eaten earlier.

She was issued with the fine and penalty points with a ticket for the offence of “not being in proper control of a vehicle”.

Ms Tsekiri, a mother-of-two from Wavertree, Liverpool, said: “The officer asked me what I would have done if a child had stepped out in front of me.

“My reply was that I would have put my foot on the brake the same as in any other situation. I had picked up a crust from a plastic bag on the seat next to me and I never took my eyes off the road.

“He tried to suggest that what it was ‘worse’ than using a mobile phone while driving, but I don’t accept that for a moment. The whole procedure lasted less than a second”

Thanks to the police for getting these lawless motorists fined.


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