My Valentines Ideas

1) A walk around Hampstead Heath, Parliament Hill, with the views over looking London (no cycling permitted tho’). You will want to find somewhere warm to have a nice meal which you may need to book in advance)
2) St Paul’s Cathedral £9.50/£10 (Cheaper to book in advance)
3) The Shri Swaminarayan Temple in Neasden (Tel for opening 0208 458 5356 Has a veggie restaurant, amazing architecture)
4) St John Soames Museum, Central Tel 0207 405 2107 (best on Candlelit nights)
5) Kenwood House, Hampstead, (Free), attractive stately home, open daily, with original paintings ie Vermeer and other masters Tel 0208-8348 8918
6) Absolute Icebar, near Regent Street Tel 0207 478 8910 (Approx 12.50)
7) Dennis Severs House, Spitalfields (Also has special Mondays Candlelit evenings Tel 0207 247 4013 for the prices/opening times – best to book
8) A bike shop (if you don’t have anyone – no harm in having your own Valentines Day!)

These ideas are not necessarily for Valentines Day itself but around this time.

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