Simon Burns Tory MP awaiting trial for ‘allegedly’ knocking down a cyclist

In his website,, the divorced Tory MP states that he is trying to encourage health and fitness in a ‘Fitness Campaign’:-

“As former Shadow Health Minister, and a former member of the Health Select Committee which has investigated the important issue of obesity, Simon Burns MP has been at the forefront of promoting fitness and a healthy lifestyle.”

As you can see he promotes this ‘anti-obesity’ attitude and ‘healthy lifestyle’ in a 4×4 vehicle and then he ‘allegedly’ knocks down a cyclist, outside the House of Commons, who now suffers from serious injuries. But the Tory’s website states that he is the ‘forefront’ of a ‘Fitness Campaign’. How can he be at the ‘forefront’ when is driving a 4×4 and ‘allegedly’ knocking down people trying to keep fit and healthy?

Also, on his website, on young offenders, it states:-

“Simon Burns MP concerned at rise in young people convicted of crimes in Essex

Commenting on the Parliamentary Written Answer from the Minister for Children, Simon Burns MP said:

“I am extremely concerned at the rise in 10-17 year olds who have entered the criminal justice system in Essex over the last eight years. The number of 10-17 year olds entering the criminal justice system has risen from 1,726 in 2002/3 to 2,844 in 2007/8. This is a percentage increase of 65%.

“There is something deeply depressing that such young people are falling fowl of the criminal justice system but sadly, this is a reflection of the increase in complaints that I get from constituents about the behaviour of a minority of young people who can cause so much misery and distress to others.”

In 2007, on another Tory website, the Tories apparently DO have bikes with the Conversative Party Logo:-

“The Party Chairman’s Office have decided to stop paying for a dedicated driver as part of a shift in resources to more frontline political activity (two regional press officers could be hired with the money saved).

Francis Maude won’t have to walk around Westminster, however, as CCHQ is going to buy several bikes for staff to nip to Parliament in. They will be customised with Conservative logos etc – very cool. Cycling is easily the best way to get around central London”

The Tory MP’s trial begins next month.

As there will be a ‘public gallery’ in the court, cyclists could go and watch ‘justice being done’. It could well be at the City of London’s Magistrates Court: 1 Queen Victoria Street, London EC4N 4XY;
tel 020 7805 1141 or 020 7805 1159. Though there is no guarantee you can get into that trial.

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