Romance in Leytonstone & Stratford

I will endeavour to find ‘romance’ in these unromantic scruffy & dodgy areas on my bike rides in the line up to Valentines Day. However, it is a job to find my Aldgate Gyratory route romantic at all. So I will look out for pretty shop windows etc, well, that’s if the road works or lorry don’t block them.


One response to “Romance in Leytonstone & Stratford

  1. Good luck finding a pretty shop window in Leyton, if you like dixy fried chicken with a halal twist you might have a chance…i used to live near the Orient ground but thats 12 years ago and a lot of things have changed….

    another reason for commenting was to say thanks for the link to our blog…nicely spotted, hopefully we will be blogging with more intensity as the year goes on…09 the year the cargo/practical bike took a hold of peoples imaginations…we like to think it could just happen.
    rob from really useful bikes

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