Anti-Cyclist Police

An excerpt from an interesting post on an American website (

“The police may fail to ticket at-fault motorists who hit cyclists either because the police subconsciously blame the cyclists for being on the road in the first place, or because they consider the incident to be unimportant.

The police also hurt us in less obvious ways, such as leaving crucial details out of press releases on collisions, which we’ll cover below.

The police may also sit on a case that they do have in their office. When a drunk motorist killed Tom Churchill, the police were tight-lipped for months saying only that the case was “under investigation”.
As soon as a TV news team interviewed me about this (and the fact that a drunk driver who killed a cop was charged in less than ten hours for her crime made it into the newscast), the police finally turned their case over to the District Attorney’s office the very next week.

Perhaps most distressingly, the police may take no action against a hit and run driver even when witnesses have provided the license plate number”.

Sounds familiar?

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