My bike ride yesterday

For once it wasn’t tipping down.

I cycled to Stratford and deliberately avoided the bike lanes used by motorcycles ever since Boris Johnson, allowed them to come in.

However, on my return journey, I encountered a motorcyclist who had been involved in an accident in Whitechapel. I was lucky to have just missed the accident by a few minutes.

I did see lawless motorcyclists illegally using the ASLs everywhere. I saw less motorists doing this which was amazing. However, I did see a large ‘crane truck’ in Whitechapel on an ASL and he told me ‘to get a life’ when I took down his Registration Number, description of driver and company and said it was dangerous. I have reported him.

I thanked a few bus drivers when they drove by me carefully. They even acknowledged me back which was quite good. If they’re really good, they get a friendly ‘thumbs up’ sign – but they have to earn it!

When I finally got to Stratford I hunted round for a cafe and found a Polish cafe/restaurant. I chose a Borscht soup. It was one of the best soups I have ever had. Very warming and great for cyclists! Only snag was they put in a half boiled egg in it. It was weird!


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