Ah Ha! An Email from the Public Carriage Office ‘passing the buck’

Re my complaint black cabs on ASLs (and occasional ‘ungentlemanly’ language!):-

“Thank you for your email dated 20 January 2009.

I must explain that the Public Carriage Office can only deal with offences that are contrary to the Hackney Carriage Acts and Orders. Under the circumstances you describe, we are unable to take any action against the taxi drivers involved.

The Public Carriage Office has no legislative power to investigate parking offences or contraventions committed by cab drivers. I can only advise you that if you have a complaint about the parking behaviour of a cab driver you should report the matter to the police, in case of a parking offence committed on a red route, or to your local authority, in case of all other parking contraventions. A police Traffic Warden or a Civil Enforcement Officer can then attend the scene and issue the vehicle with a penalty charge notice, and arrange for its removal, if appropriate.

With regards to abusive language by taxi drivers, I can advise that this is a matter we can pursue under our complaints procedure. However, I regret to inform you that I am unable to process your complaint any further at this time as your letter did not include any information that enables us to identify the drivers involved.

For us to be able to trace a driver through our database system the only way we can trace a driver is through the cab plate number or registration number.

I am sorry that you had reason to complain in respect of licensed cab drivers and wish to thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. The incident has been noted on our records”

but how come Livingstone talked to them about the ASL violations?!


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