I’m am ‘Polluted’

Another day after a trip to ‘Olympic’ Stratford and I am feeling again the onsets of gunky pollution from all the buses and motorcyclists on my route.

My chest feels tight and I have that thick and unpleasant congested feeling in my throat. There’s probably a whole load of toxic gunk in my lungs now. I am find it a bit difficult to breathe.

The Government regards it is a ‘nuisance’, but this is NOT NORMAL and we get cancer from it. Stop ‘brushing it off’. Air should be clean. As far as I am concerned, we’re chucking all this money into the British Government, not to mention the EU, and the air is still as sh*t.

I know I should have worn my mask but I forgot. I must really remember to take it.

Why should cyclists have to put up with this every day? It could kill us. Cycling is supposed to healthy.

I would like to sue the Government for contaminating me.

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