ThenThings I found about my family

I finally dug out some more info on my family from the 1911 census.

Turns out that a few of the members were at home ‘with servants’. One lot, even have about 10 servants – including a cook, housekeeper etc. Such Tory extravagance!

Interesting enough I found one wife wasn’t on there. Maybe it was because she refused to sign the census as she was a Suffrogette but I willl have to check this as she may have been found somewhere else. I will have to dig out family records to see what her name was if I can.

Then I discovered that one relative married someone about 16 years younger and she came from Wavertree, where J’s dad comes from. At that time Wavertree, Liverpool, was quite poor so maybe my relative married a servant.

One of my relatives said he was a Journeyman but I’m not sure what that is.


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