Photos of Cycling City Oxford


Balliol, the College where Boris Johnson studied Classics. Just look how many bikes there are and just how empty the road is. How pleasant it was in Oxford and how awful cycling is in London.


Hundreds of bikes greet me outside Oxford Train Station.


A contempory Oxford ‘spire’ outside the station.


Trinity College


Hertford College



and my video (see how you can safetly walk the streets).


One response to “Photos of Cycling City Oxford

  1. A few weeks back I compared the amount of bike parking at several railway stations in the UK, including Oxford with a small town here in the Netherlands. Oxford has 534 spaces, which is very good for the UK. However, There are nearly 20 times fewer cycle parking spaces at Oxford vs. a small Dutch town measured per person resident.

    Cycle parking spaces here can be measured in the tens of thousands at main stations in cities.

    Cycling here is really on a totally different scale.

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