‘Desertification’ of London

Here is a cherry tree opposite a house in Leyton. Destroyed, with no sign of replanting – and no one seems to bat an eye lid. Spring is approaching but for this little tree there will be no spring.



Along London Bridge:

A souless landscape, devoid of colour, that tourists photograph the
Tower of London from. This landscape looks exactly the same through Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. It is seasonless. Dreary. The colour of gravestones. There are no benches for tired tourists, who have walked a lot round London either. This is no place for the Slow Movement. There are no artists with their paintings pinned up on the bridge. No place to sit down. It is a hostile environment. The noise is deafening with all the stinking jugganaughts going by that tourists and commuters cannot hear each other talking. It is all about ‘rushing to the trains’. The air is filthy and you get views of yellowing pollution over the Tower of London. There are no cyclists as you can see.

Here is yet another London heading for Desertification landcape. Another treeless landscape. Just look at those those box like buildings at the end of the ‘highway’, a few large trees would make the place much more pleasant. But no, urban planners don’t want trees there – but the people do.


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