Scottish Helmet Cam Cyclist on Scottish TV

So what’s happening across the border?

I received my latest copy of CTC mag this morning (normally it is pretty useless!) and I saw an article on a cyclist (see ‘magnatom’ on Youtube), who like, some of us, is posting bicycle advocacy videos to help improve road safety.

You will be interested to see what the police say in this video too.

As for death threats, I think there IS more of a risk to cyclists if we make ourselves known ie on TV and the risk is greater when frequently there is no CCTV and we are unable to get their reg number. It is best to have the low key approach until the cycling is made safer and the laws are made tougher. I think we have enough hassles on the roads as it is! Saying that, it may scare a few motorists and keep them in check although there may be a high price for the cyclist – the road is full of loonies as we know.

It was interesting to see how many motorists ‘thought it was wrong’ even though they themselves experience rotten drivers on their travels.

With regards to the police, they told me that they were happy to receive videos of ‘evidence’ although they did say I must call them at the time of the incident. However, it is a complete waste of time calling the police when I have not got details of the vehicle and possibly no witnesses, which is what you get in hit and runs. It is a typical case of Call the Police and Nothing Will Happen. The Police try to show you they can do something but they can’t.

BTW CTC will do more articles on Dangerous Driving


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