Media Bias over Rape Allegation

As you may have read in the papers, footballer Robinho has been the subject of a rape allegation with the headline in one newspaper saying ‘Why is she saying these things?’

The exclusive report is written by a man and the newspaper, is called the ‘Daily Star’ so you can guess the bias, even though they employ models, one of course, is on their front page. The report is quite insensitive to the claim and of course, there is only side to the story featured in the paper, and you can imagine it is hard for the woman to bare all about this ‘private issue’.

As a woman, perhaps going through dodgy areas of London (luckily I cycle) it could be a risk, though generally, it happens to people you know. The police always advise you to visit them and go to the doctor. It is a standard procedure and often done in a very sensitive way, with female staff present. You are made to feel it is not your fault and you’re right to report it.

But the sexist and insensitive tabloid newspaper goes on about how he claims he is innocent and how his team is supporting him (without even knowing the full facts!). (What about female fans?). Even with the DNA present, I don’t expect it is easy to convict a rapist as I have heard that many still go ‘free’.

With lots of money to get a good barrister he may be better protected than most.

He makes it look that every woman who cries is making it up? What?! Well, what about those ones who have to take a morning after pill after the offence?

Here is a post from a Rape Advice site, just to show you how this subject should be treated sensitively by the media, the victim should not be made to feel guilty for reporting this and made to feel a fool. Suppose his own wife got raped? Wouldn’t he be angry and want her to report it?

“Dealing With Feelings
Rape isn’t just physically damaging, it can be emotionally traumatic as well. The right emotional attention, care, and support can help a person begin the healing process and prevent lingering problems later on.

Someone who has been raped might feel a lot of things: angry, degraded, frightened, numb, or confused. It’s also normal for someone who has been raped to feel ashamed or embarrassed. Some people withdraw from friends and family. Others don’t want to be alone. Some feel depressed, anxious, or nervous.

Sometimes the feelings surrounding rape may show up in physical ways, such as trouble sleeping or eating. It may be hard to concentrate in school or to participate in everyday activities. Sometimes it may feel like you’ll never get over the trauma of the rape. Experts often refer to these emotions — and their physical side effects — as rape trauma syndrome. The best way to work through them is with professional help.

It can be hard to think or talk about a frightening experience, especially something as personal as rape. People who have been raped sometimes avoid seeking help because they’re afraid that talking about it will bring back memories or feelings that are too painful. But this can actually do more harm than good.”

How much was he paid for the article?

To email the reporter just email


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