Should I sue the council for my punctures?

I’ve just got a puncture after cycling and surely, if the Council, don’t clean up the cycle paths, they should be liable under Health and Safety and negligence? They have ‘damaged’ my bike. It is not a slow puncture, so perhaps it is glass, from all the accidents and loonies who drop bottles.

I am going to the bike shop tomorrow, and get ‘evidence’ and a receipt. Why should I pay for it when is their fault. My tyres are regularly serviced.

Maybe if more cyclists did the same, they would clean up the borough better. I suppose most cyclists repair their own bikes but I don’t. I have googled this but I can’t seem to find any info (as yet).

Update: Other people said ‘you’ll be lucky’, and ‘you have to get more evidence’ but another person said it was ‘easier’ with a ‘pothole’ incident.

This annoys me as the council could cover the place with glass and cr*p from chopped up hawthorn branches and I could have an accident or be killed because of their ‘negligence’. But then what is ‘reasonable cleaning’? The cycle paths are often not cleaned. That’s another problem. Roads are probably cleaned more frequently, perhaps once a day? Is that enough for the council ‘to get away with it?’. How often should councils clean the cycle paths? And why are some not cleaning the paths?

What are the rules?


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