Figures show that pedestrians should fear the motorist more (we knew that anyway)

CTC have posted stats that show motorists (as we all know) causing more accidents and deaths than cyclists to pedestrians:-

“Cyclists or drivers? If you believe the tabloid press, it’s often the former. But the statistics tell a different tale. According to figures released this week there have been 364,082 pedestrians injured by drivers over the last ten years, compared with 2,623 injured by cyclists. The same data shows that, as a pedestrian, you are 263 times more likely to be killed by a driver than a cyclist – this despite the fact that cyclists and pedestrians often share the same space and much of motor vehicle mileage is made on motorways, where pedestrians are prohibited”

Tabloid Media Bias is costing lives by misreporting the news

If this link does not work I have added it to my links under Websites I like

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