Boris wants to increase cycle parking

From the Mayor of London site via Twitter:-

“Investigation into cycle parking spaces in London underway

Despite a recent increase in new cycle parking spaces, research shows that the availability of cycle parking and the security of parked bikes remain the two biggest cycling-related concerns – which may be holding Londoners back from making their journey by bike.

To assess ways of improving the situation, the London Assembly Transport Committee has launched an investigation – led by Joanne McCartney AM – to identify ways of increasing the provision of good quality cycle parking.

Transport for London (TfL) has installed more than 53,000 new cycle parking spaces since 2000, but the number of cycle journeys has almost doubled over the same period. With around half a million journeys now made by bike in London every day, competition for available spaces is already high.

The Mayor of London has now indicated he wants to see the proportion of cycle journeys increase even further – from the current rate of 1.6 per cent of trips made in London, to 5 per cent2 – and the provision of suitable parking facilities will be critical to achieving this aim.

The Transport Committee’s investigation will look at the role of all the organisations involved in providing cycle parking – including TfL, the boroughs, employers, train operating companies, Network Rail and retail centres – and make recommendations on improving the availability of good quality facilities.

Joanne McCartney AM, who is leading the investigation on behalf of the Transport Committee, said:

“If the Mayor wants to encourage more Londoners to enjoy the health and environmental benefits of cycling, the capital’s cyclists need to know they can park their bikes safely and securely”

Let’s hope that they get strong cycle racks that won’t get sawn in half like some do!


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