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International Women’s Day Ride: Birds on Bikes

From Cyclodelic:

Saturday 7th March 2009 sees LCC’s first Birds on Bikes night ride, celebrating International Women’s Day.

Hundreds of riders and volunteer marshals are expected to take part in the event, following a ten-mile central London route, visiting locations that mark the achievements of women in the capital. The ride will be followed by a post-ride party back at Dragon Hall where Cyclodelic will be showcasing their new collection and be on hand with expert advice on cycle style.

The event, meeting at 6.30pm at the Dragon Hall in Covent Garden, is female focused but not exclusive to women.

Free Maintenance Workshop at Limehouse

From LCC:

Date: Saturday, February 28, 2009
Time: 11am
Place: Limehouse Town Hall, 646 Commercial Road
Description: Hands-on workshop, with Dr Bike ready to help if needed. Tools, demos, special events, tea and cakes provided. We have some spares but bring your own to be sure.

Free but donations are always welcome.
Contact: Owen

Murdering Motorists get bail despite public safety issues

See a post on about a motorist who killed a woman cyclist pushing her bike on the pavement.


I wonder whether his car will be crushed or confiscated later? I doubt it! Car thieves get their cars crushed.
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Suffolk Police give motorist back his keys after he killed woman cyclist walking bike on pavement
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@KarlOnSea -lately we have been having some really clear nights. The moon looked massive the other day. Spectacular.

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Another of my favourite cyclists’ breakfast is poached eggs on toast.
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Motorists don’t get to see the shooting stars.
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The Sky at Night: Look out for the Intl Space Station, you can see on certain nights
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So Edmund King, AA President, is a cyclist

Thanks to Carltonreid on Twitter telling me that King is actually a cyclist and a Brompton one at that. That’s a turn up for the books. Look what I found:


“Bike to work, says the AA

“To encourage cycling we need to see more comprehensive cycle lanes, secure cycle parking, shower facilities at work and more cycle training,” says Brompton rider and AA president Edmund King

“With fuel prices at record levels, we expect to see more people getting on their bikes for some trips,” said Edmund King, AA President.

“Car drivers need to think more about cyclists and not open car doors without looking or turn left without checking for a bike on the inside. Cyclists have to stop running red lights and avoid the temptation to cycle on pavements or up one way streets.

“To encourage cycling we need to see more comprehensive cycle lanes, secure cycle parking, shower facilities at work and more cycle training. “

This statement from the president of the AA comes on Commute Smart Week’s third themed day, which highlights the benefits of cycling to work for employers and employees.

The week, organised by Work Wise UK, shows how smarter working and commuting, such as staggering work journeys, home working, cycling and walking, can cut emissions, congestion and travel costs, boosting business and quality of life.

Eighteen per cent, or around a fifth, of motorists cycle at least once a month, according to an AA survey of 18,500 members”

Then he ought to do more to stop lawless AA motorcyclists on ASLs then!

Twittering – Just come back from Critical Mass London


Velochick: About 300 or so turned up. It seemed to get bigger!
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Velochick: Very pleased to see that the CM cyclists were polite to motorists and said ‘thanks’ a lot. I was impressed w the courteous cyclists.
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Velochick:Occasional motorists complaining about CM holding up traffic to let us through but no police presence as they used to do that.
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Velochick:Some motorists seemed to cheer us outside Downing Street.
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Velochick:Police only attended some kind of mayhem outside Waterloo Stn. Not sure what that was about but nothing to do with CM!
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Velochick:Just come back from Critical Mass – Southbank, Downing Street, Trafalgar Square then off along the Embankment to Farringdon. Had to leave early to head for Southbank to meet J fresh from a Retreat. Don’t know where they went after that.

Lawless Lord in Jaguar sent to jail

This is one reason why I think the House of Lords should be abolished. They’re supposed to be responsible people but look at them.

Once again these lawless middle-aged yobs are splattered all over the internet for all the wrong reasons. If they not getting involved in ‘dodgy dealings’, or perjury, they can be driving dangerously without a blinkin’ care in the world. Yes, they are ‘examples’ to us ‘ordinary mortals’. We look at them and see what s*it they get into and learn from their appalling examples. I bet the prisoners in jail will be in hysterics.

This comes from Yahoo today:-

“Labour peer Lord Ahmed is facing expulsion from his party after he was jailed for sending a series of text messages as he drove along a motorway.

The 51-year-old peer was sent to prison for 12 weeks for dangerous driving after Sheffield Crown Court heard he took part in a “conversation by text” minutes before he was involved in an unrelated fatal crash on the M1 in South Yorkshire.

A Labour Party spokesman said: “The Labour Party does not comment on individual cases, but under the party’s rules any member who receives a custodial sentence is subject to automatic exclusion.”

Lord Ahmed stopped texting minutes before his Jaguar crashed into another vehicle – a collision which left Slovakian motorist Martyn Gombar dead, the court heard”.

and curiously, this Lawless Lord only got 12 weeks.. how ‘odd’ is that? Just HOW did THAT happen?