ASBOs for road rage motorists?

I read about a woman whose partner was wearing at her constantly in public and he was fined £150 and received an ASBO.

So, I wonder what happens if a motorist started to swear at you. Could you call the police and get him a nice ASBO for his collection? Or does this have to be ‘constant behaviour’ not a one off?

It would be good to get any motorist who hurls abuse ‘in public’ at us an ASBO.

However, in 2007, police started issuing ASBOs for ‘some’ driving offences. Here was a story found in the Mirror:-

“A SHOCKED driver was given an Asbo by police who stopped him for speeding.

Mike Wilson, 55, had expected penalty points and a fine for breaking a 50mph limit.

He is thought to be the first driver to be given an anti-social behaviour order for speeding. They’ve been used against joyriders and disqualified drivers.

The Edinburgh writer denies “causing distress and annoyance” on the A1 in Scotland”

Whilst searching online for ASBO offenders, I am pleased that Lambeth Council have been putting up details of ASBO offenders, and their mugshots, on their website (

“Lambeth’s Labour Council will name and shame thugs and vandals who make the lives of law abiding residents hell. Anyone receiving an ASBO will have their name published on the Lambeth Council website, in the council’s monthly magazine Lambeth Life and in letters to schools, colleges and employers”

but Camden didn’t want to release an ASBO list (from the Independent 2007), well, not after a hard battle:-

“Since Labour brought in the legislation in 1998, thousands of examples of nuisance behaviour have been curtailed by the imposition of Asbos. As a result, the new orders have been championed by councillors all over England and Wales.

But councillors in Camden, despite some considerable success in tackling problem communities, have been reluctant to disclose the names and addresses of dozens of teenage delinquents, noisy neighbours and nuisance motorists who have all been given Asbos. Despite repeated requests for information, Camden has cited legal justification for withholding the names.

When a member of the public used the Freedom of Information Act in an attempt to loosen councillors’ tongues, Camden provided only an edited version, citing law enforcement and personal information exemptions, as reasons for redacting personal details which might identify individuals.

Unhappy with this partial disclosure, the requester complained to the Information Commissioner, Richard Thomas, arguing that the full database should be released.

In a ruling published this month, Mr Thomas ordered the London Borough of Camden to release details of the identities of some residents who have been made the subject of the orders”.

In February last year, Hartlepool published their ASBO List of Shame:-

“SEAN ATKINSON, 31: Used threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour in a public place with intent, and which was racially aggravated.

SHAUN BERRY, 31: Drinking and causing a nuisance in the street, allowed visitors to his home to act in anti-social manner, acted in threatening manner.

CARL STEPHEN BOWN, 22: Racially aggravated common assault.

JOHN CANN, 47: Threatening abusive or insulting words or behaviour.

PAUL DAWES, 33: Repeated shoplifting; intimidation of shop staff; driving whilst disqualified; uninsured and with no MOT; breaking and entry; theft; going equipped to steal.

JUVENILE, 18: Arson; trespass on school grounds; congregating in a group.

JUVENILE, 18: Threats and intimidation to shop staff; giving of threats insults and abuse in public; consumption of alcohol in a public place.

JUVENILE, 17: Drank alcohol underage in public, caused nuisance/disturbances while under the influence of alcohol, acted in a drunken/aggressive/threatening manner, fought in the street, invaded homes, was abusive, played loud music in the street, threw/fired missiles and objects in the street.

RICHARD GRAY, 20: Possession of a blade.

DAVID HENDERSON, 20: Numerous criminal offices including theft, criminal damage; handling stolen goods; taking motor vehicle without owners consent; driving whilst disqualified; affray; drunk and disorderly; assault occasioning actual bodily harm; driving motor vehicle with excess alcohol; obstructing police; possession of an offensive weapon.

PAMELA HOPPER, 34: Numerous criminal offences including affray; shoplifting; possession of a class C drug; having a hypodermic needle in a public place.

KEITH WILLIAM INGHAM, 26: Numerous criminal offences namely burglary; actual bodily harm; theft (shoplifting) possession of a controlled drug; common assault.

ALAN DAVID JEMMETT, 23: Numerous criminal offences including shoplifting; attempted robbery; theft from dwelling; battery; section 5 public order 1986; burglary; drunk and disorderly; criminal damage.

EDWARD ROBERT LEE, 30: Numerous offences including burglary, theft, handling stolen goods; possession of an offensive weapon; begging.

ELAINE METCALFE, 32: Numerous criminal offences including theft (shoplifting) causing harassment to shop staff.

JUVENILE, 17: Verbal abuse to police, PCSOs, community centre and shop staff; caused harassment alarm and distress; street drinking under age; riding a mini motorbike bike on a pavement.

THOMAS O’CONNOR, 29: Numerous criminal offences including handling stolen goods; theft (shoplifting) burglary; unsolicited calls to private residences to obtain work to homes and gardens; obtaining property by deception.

DAVID ANDREW PRESTON, 24: Street drinking and caused a nuisance in the street while under the influence of alcohol, allowed visitors to his home to act in anti-social manner, acted in a threatening manner.

CHRISTOPHER RAW, 25: Theft, drunk and disorderly, fail bail, Section 5 public order act, criminal damage.

RICHARD ROBERTS, 28: Numerous criminal offences including theft; shoplifting; possession of offensive weapon in public; theft from motor vehicle; criminal damage; obstructing police.

JUVENILE,18: Verbal abuse to PCSO; library staff; leisure centre staff; shop staff; Threats to cause damage.

ANDREA ROBINSON, 29: Caused a nuisance to public while under the influence of alcohol.

JUVENILE, 18: Being part of a group causing disturbance;being in possession of alcohol in public place; common assault; criminal damage; verbal abuse to community wardens; throwing missiles; offences under section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986.

GARY ROWBOTHAM, 20: Giving abuse and threatening residents; making offensive gestures; throwing missiles at residents’ windows; gaining unauthorised access to school and disturbing staff.

RACHEL ABIGAIL SHAW (aka JOHNSON), 22: Numerous criminal offences including theft; shoplifting; possession of controlled drug with intent to supply; handling stolen goods.

MICHAEL SMITH, 27: Numerous criminal acts including burglary; theft; criminal damage; theft of and from motor vehicles; assault of police; possession of class A drugs; public disorder; motoring offences.

JUVENILE, 19: Criminal damage; verbal abuse to residents and community wardens; causing harassment alarm or distress; constantly kicking a ball against residents’ walls; consuming alcohol in public.

GARY SUCKLING, 36: Numerous criminal offences causing harassment alarm and distress including assault; robbery; burglary; shoplifting; resisting and obstructing police.

CARL SULLIVAN, 19: Drank alcohol in public, caused a nuisance while under the influence of alcohol in public, was verbally abusive and threatening towards police officers and members of the public.

STEPHEN GRAHAM TOBIN, 26: Numerous criminal offences causing harassment alarm and distress including affray, theft and burglary.

JUVENILE, 14: Abuse to and intimidation of library staff; trepass;throwing missiles ; drinking alcohol underage in a public place.

JUVENILE, 16: Assault, criminal damage and throwing objects at a member of public”

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