We knew it would snow…

After the horse has bolted, Boris tackles another fiasco:-

“London’s public transport network ground to a virtual standstill on Monday because of the heavy snow, leaving commuters stranded and costing the economy millions. Could more have been done to avoid near total shutdown of the network?

To find out, the London Assembly Transport Committee has agreed to hold a special session with key representatives from Transport for London (TfL) on Thursday 12 February.

The session will cover:
– When and why was the decision to suspend all London bus services taken, and who took it?
– Why was the Tube network crippled so extensively by the adverse weather conditions, and how can preparations for bad weather be improved?
– Was consultation and cooperation between TfL, local authorities and other relevant organisations adequate?
– Could more be done to support essential services such as hospitals?

Chair of the Committee Val Shawcross AM said:

“Although it’s unrealistic to expect the network to be perfect during such extreme and unusual weather conditions, Londoners will want to know if more could have been done to maintain transport services.”

The Transport Committee meeting will take place on Thursday 12 February from 10am in The Chamber at City Hall (The Queen’s Walk, London SE1). Media and members of the public are invited to attend. The meeting can also be viewed via webcast: http://www.london.gov.uk/assembly/webcasts.jsp”


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