LV Car Insurance Company ‘demonises’ cyclists say CTC

An excerpt from the European Cyclists Federation:-

CTC – the UK’s national cyclists’ organisation has completely refuted claims by car insurance company LV ( that “inexperienced cyclists taking to the roads in the last 6 months have resulted in a 29% increase in road accidents involving cyclists”.

The figure appears to be no more than the difference in casualty numbers for cyclists between summer and winter.

LV’s estimate of the number of collisions involving cyclists is over 9 times higher than official figures and is based on a serious miscalculation of the number of cyclists in Britain. CTC has dismissed the figure as nothing more than a scaremongering publicity stunt.

Roger Geffen, CTC’s Campaigns and Policy Manager, said: “This is Mickey Mouse research and flies in the face all official published statistics on cycling. There is plenty of evidence showing that cycling gets safer the more cyclists there are. In London there has been a 91% increase in cycle use on the capital’s main roads since 2000, and a 33% reduction in cycle casualties in roughly the same period”.

He added: “CTC has been researching cycle safety for over a century. Manipulating statistics for a PR stunt wastes the time of the people who took part in the survey. By demonising cyclists and scaring people into staying in their cars, it also undermines the efforts of charities like CTC to encourage more cycling and improve road safety for all”.

In June 2008, last year, LV= admitted that motorists were breaking the law as they did not even understand their cover:-

“Research by car insurer LV= has found that over half of all motorists* do not understand their insurance cover and, as a result, are breaking the law.

One of the most popular misconceptions amongst motorists is that if you have comprehensive cover anyone can drive your car with 51%* of people believing this to be the case. In fact, this is not true and could result in a conviction for uninsured driving and a hefty fine.”

It is scary to think that such motorists could collide into an ‘inexperienced cyclist’ and not be fully covered. You kind of wonder whether the policy documents were difficult to understand or it wasn’t explained properly by the customer service provider.

By the way, you can fill in LV’s survey on


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