Tory whip, who broke cyclist’s neck, says A&E face ‘difficult circumstances’

Simon Burns, MP for Chelmsford, who was ‘only’ fined recently, commented on the Broomfield Hospital on his website –

““Staff at Broomfield Hospital do a fantastic job at the A&E Department, sometimes under very difficult circumstances.

and he goes on to say:-

“Similarly, they have to put up with extra stress and strain as a result of the increased number of people who attend the hospital due to alcohol related problems. In the circumstances, I believe that the staff do a fantastic job and we should all be very grateful for the professional way in which they carry out their care and duties.”

So, he just blames people who have ‘alcohol related’ problems putting people in hospital? What about him? I still haven’t seen anything on his website about his crash that put an army major in hospital. It is not even in Wikipedia.

Never mind the Lords, how come this MP still has job and wasn’t even disqualified from driving?

Britain’s ‘standards’ are slipping further.

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