Cycling – Legal Cases

I’ve just come across a great website which has a long list of legal cases that involve cyclists.This website is on is

Naturally, the website has a number of cases of cyclists colliding with motorists. Interestingly, many cyclists listed have had nasty accidents on cycle lanes. Little do the public know that their cycle path could be an accident blackspot. The Government perhaps is ‘downplaying this issue’ with all their positive leafleting about cycle paths being great for famillies etc. Of course, some are good but as you can see from Cyclecraft, plenty more needs to be done.

Here are few more things about dodgy cycle paths that came up on that website;-

A few successful cycle path claims arose because the cycle paths were poorly lit, had an unsatisfactory design or had debris over it. Some cycle lanes had ‘collision’ potential.

Sadly one claim was dropped due to insufficient means, so lack of money can deny cyclists justice.

In the road traffic case section of the website, already many cyclists were made to look ‘negligent’ by not wearing their helmet.

Quite why cycling magazines rarely print details of cases involving cyclists is any ones guess but I think they raise cyclists’ awareness. Cycling magazines really ought to put a Court page and/or have regular columnists written by specialist cycling lawyers, some of whom, enjoy cycling as a hobby anyway. Already lawyers have websites of their own with some great information.


On another note, I read with concerned that lawyers had the most penalty points in their licence. If cycling lawyers have several, I would suggest that their cycling client has the right to know.


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