Today’s Stuff

I haven’t had much time to upload pics due to chores and coursework so this has blog has been a bit neglected but I have been on Twitter every so often and reading a few blogs.

Reading and writing all takes time doesn’t it? (not to mention arguing over my EDF bill all morning

I am pleased to see that Stella Creasy is on Twitter. I am going to look forward to the antics on that site.

Great to see that Crap Waltham Forest has been using Big Words like
‘expostulate’ on his blog. I am doing an English course and so ‘the more vocab the better’. Yes, I had to look it up.

My teacher says that The Sun is Britain’s best selling newspaper and it has a child’s reading age of 9 which says it all really. So encourage kids to improve their English so they can read a better quality newspaper or website and learn what’s happening round the world and of course, their knowledge of bicycle advocacy will be much better, if they’re into that. Knowledge is Power.

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