Visit to the British Library


Anne Frank’s Memorial (they put a tree up there)

I had been wanting to go there for ages. We popped into the bookshop in the library and saw some books, ones not easy to find in other bookshops. Saw a book on the Magna Carta and was going to buy it later but promptly forgot to do so, which is typical!

We went up there to see the exhibition ‘Liberty’ which was about Britain’s so-called Freedoms. I quite enjoyed it, although it was quite basic but it was worth a visit. You also saw a copy of Britain’s flag before it became what it was today. Some looked really naff and one looked like a game of noughts and crosses. I wanted to take a photo of it (there were no signs) but was told not take them (so much for ‘Liberty’).

There was some interesting stuff on Slavery and the Suffrogette Movement, and a chance to vote, on a special computer, for having a Republic. (It turns out, half of the people attending the exhibition wanted to keep the monarchy but the other half didn’t). I couldn’t finish all the questions because my ‘wristband’ didn’t work. That curiously happened when I ‘voted the Queen & House of Lords’ out.

Then we wandered around to the cafe areas. J asked for some information on how to be a member (as he could join as part of his job). That will be nice for us to meet there in the future one day.

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