It’s even more Grim Up North

Warrington Bank Quay Station has banned kissing. But their sign is of a hetrosexual couple…. so maybe it’s ok for gays?

What about parents seeing their kids off?

When I worked for the trains, for a number of years, Never once did I see any correspondence complaining about couples kissing. So, whose idea was it then?

What miserable country this is.

In fact it is getting like ex-communist bloc Russia. This is from an article by the BBC in 2003:

“Moscow considers kissing ban

The ban aims to raise levels of public morality – the newspaper says
Moscovites caught kissing in public places could be fined if city authorities pass a new law currently under consideration, according to a Russian newspaper.
The kissing ban could even extend to lawfully wedded spouses, Stolichnaya Vechernyaya Gazeta reported.

Quoting unnamed sources, it said the plan was aimed at raising levels of public morality in the Russian capital.

The newspaper added that “particularly blatant cases could even lead to a spell of temporary detention in jail”.

It said that if approved the new regulations would be introduced earlier next year.

The newspaper quoted a city education official, Tatyana Maskimova, as saying that travellers in the Moscow underground were in particular indulging in lax behaviour.

“Our children are getting love lessons all day long from what they see around them,” Ms Maksimova said.

Human rights campaigner and a leading member of Russia’s Democratic Union party, Valeriya Novodvorskaya said she would defy the ban if the new bill is introduced”

One response to “It’s even more Grim Up North

  1. I think that is over the top ,a lot of People give each other a Peck on the Cheek when saying goodbye It’s the normal thing to do. Girlfriend and Boyfriend ,Husband and Wife,saying Cheerio to ones Children. A couple of Gay Guys and Girls giving each other a little Kiss goodbye. The French Presente un Bisses, Father Son Holy Ghost Amen thats Four.
    There is Kissing and then there is Smoochy Kissing, A Kiss is just a Kiss then there is Everlasting Ate’ing the Face off each other Kissing that goes on and on and also other Stuff.
    If they mean that then they should say so,it is a bit like a carry on Film from 30 Years ago NO SEX Please were British.
    I think a Campaign of Civil Disobedience should take Place. Where Thousands of People should Descend on Warrington Station and begin a non Stop Kissingaton and Sing We shall overcome every Five Minutes and Chain themselves to the Toilet Doors in Protest.

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