‘Green Tories’

Why is that Tories harp on and on about speed cameras and get bothered by the increase of Speed Enforcement vehicles supposedly vilifying the motorist when dangerous speeding can cause harm to even these so-called ‘Green Tories’ who ‘occasionally’ use their bikes. Where is the mouth of the so-called Green Tory? Do they have to speak ‘via a motorist Tory?

‘Green Tories’ should stand up and be counted.

What do they think about Boris and his lawless motorcyclists-in-bus lanes hairbrained scheme? Are they using these lanes or going by car or helicopter instead?

Say something now. Or forever hold your peace….. Here is your chance to simper on about Boris’ wonderful scheme or be honest and say it is cr*p.


One response to “‘Green Tories’

  1. Green Conservative is a contradiction in terms.

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