Republic’s views of Overspending Royals

Whilst watching ‘Dispatches’ this evening to watch ‘The Problem Princes’ on how for example, Prince William only does about 14 Royal Engagements ie footie matches whilst his mother did over 200 royal engagements, even his father who was in the Navy, at his age, did a lot more than William.

“Following a dispute over the cost of Prince Andrew’s helicopter flight Republic will be seeking clarification using Freedom of Information laws.

Tonight’s Channel 4 Dispatches documentary is to allege that Prince Andrew took a helicopter flight costing £6,000 from Windsor to Shoreham, when a first class train ticket would have cost just £90. The palace disputes this figure.

The documentary also claims that Buckingham Palace has agreed with the government not to disclose royal travel costs that are less than £10,000.

Republic, who exposed abuses of RAF helicopter flights by prince William last year, will submit a Freedom of Information request to find out how much the royals really spend on travel.

Campaign Manager Graham Smith, who advised the documentary’s producers and took part in the programme, told reporters:

“Andrew uses helicopters like taxis and expects us to believe that he is too busy to travel by train. Andrew plays no useful role in public life and yet taxpayers foot the bill for his extravagant lifestyle.”

“The palace is disputing the figure of £6,000. We’re calling on the government to release documentation that proves the true cost.”

“In the current economic crisis, when ordinary hard working people are really struggling, we see once again that the royals are living a life of luxury at our expense.”

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