Lawless Lord in Jaguar sent to jail

This is one reason why I think the House of Lords should be abolished. They’re supposed to be responsible people but look at them.

Once again these lawless middle-aged yobs are splattered all over the internet for all the wrong reasons. If they not getting involved in ‘dodgy dealings’, or perjury, they can be driving dangerously without a blinkin’ care in the world. Yes, they are ‘examples’ to us ‘ordinary mortals’. We look at them and see what s*it they get into and learn from their appalling examples. I bet the prisoners in jail will be in hysterics.

This comes from Yahoo today:-

“Labour peer Lord Ahmed is facing expulsion from his party after he was jailed for sending a series of text messages as he drove along a motorway.

The 51-year-old peer was sent to prison for 12 weeks for dangerous driving after Sheffield Crown Court heard he took part in a “conversation by text” minutes before he was involved in an unrelated fatal crash on the M1 in South Yorkshire.

A Labour Party spokesman said: “The Labour Party does not comment on individual cases, but under the party’s rules any member who receives a custodial sentence is subject to automatic exclusion.”

Lord Ahmed stopped texting minutes before his Jaguar crashed into another vehicle – a collision which left Slovakian motorist Martyn Gombar dead, the court heard”.

and curiously, this Lawless Lord only got 12 weeks.. how ‘odd’ is that? Just HOW did THAT happen?


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