So Edmund King, AA President, is a cyclist

Thanks to Carltonreid on Twitter telling me that King is actually a cyclist and a Brompton one at that. That’s a turn up for the books. Look what I found:


“Bike to work, says the AA

“To encourage cycling we need to see more comprehensive cycle lanes, secure cycle parking, shower facilities at work and more cycle training,” says Brompton rider and AA president Edmund King

“With fuel prices at record levels, we expect to see more people getting on their bikes for some trips,” said Edmund King, AA President.

“Car drivers need to think more about cyclists and not open car doors without looking or turn left without checking for a bike on the inside. Cyclists have to stop running red lights and avoid the temptation to cycle on pavements or up one way streets.

“To encourage cycling we need to see more comprehensive cycle lanes, secure cycle parking, shower facilities at work and more cycle training. “

This statement from the president of the AA comes on Commute Smart Week’s third themed day, which highlights the benefits of cycling to work for employers and employees.

The week, organised by Work Wise UK, shows how smarter working and commuting, such as staggering work journeys, home working, cycling and walking, can cut emissions, congestion and travel costs, boosting business and quality of life.

Eighteen per cent, or around a fifth, of motorists cycle at least once a month, according to an AA survey of 18,500 members”

Then he ought to do more to stop lawless AA motorcyclists on ASLs then!


2 responses to “So Edmund King, AA President, is a cyclist

  1. Indeed I am a cyclist and have been active on two wheels for many years. I also have a Pashley “dividing bike” and my loyal, well used Marin Alpine Trail. The Marin has been brilliant but is probably on its last legs or forks. Any suggestions for a replacement?

    I am not sure why there seems to be some sort of astonishment that because I work at the AA I should not be a cyclist. Indeed the AA has many keen cyclists and a whole bunch of us (including the CEO) are gearing up for the London to Brighton. We also have patrols on push bikes for events like Wimbledon or some of the rock festivals.

    Carlton Reid has been following my cycling exploits for some time but if he reads this could he re-direct his great magazine to my new address at the AA.

  2. It’s great to hear that you have many bikes. But three is just ‘the beginning’. I know someone who has 50. He has now chronically ‘branched out’ to European bikes; he keeps going to these ‘blasted’ cycle jumbles. If this happens, it is ‘goodbye’ to the conservatory extension!

    I myself have seven. I like the old and new ones. The Pashley looks lovely. My oldest is 1945. I bought it from an old lady who kept it for all that time which is incredible. I imagine I am a landgirl on it.

    I quite fancy a stylish Brompton as you can take it everywhere, particularly if you’re out hiking. I don’t really how know good they are. Sometime people have had problems getting parts or fitting the tyres. I think, before I get one of those, I am going to listen to people’s experiences with them first.

    The London to Brighton sounds great. I’ve done it before but mind the potholes particularly as hundreds of cyclists will be following behind at speed. Perhaps if you join up on Twitter, myself, Carlton Reid and the ‘maniac’ cycling fraternity, can see the AA peloton ‘hard at it’ and maybe you can get some extra sponsorship for it.

    I believe Carlton has contacted you and a mag will be on its way!

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