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Reminder: G20 1 April Critical Mass-style Ride

“G20 Critical Mass style ride. Wed April 1st 9:00 AM Meet at Bank Junction (Bank tube station) EC2”.

Looks like I will miss that one, far too early for me and I have to fork out loads for the train ticket.. and probably couldn’t get my fold up on the train as it would be packed.

Good luck to anyone who goes.

Map Shop

I went into a historical map shop at the weekend. I did take a picture of it but my SD card was corrupted so it didn’t come out.

Anyway, there was a big pre 1900 map in front of the shop in the West End.

When J and I looked at it, it was incredible to see how many fields we had lost, round Bow and Peckham for example, much of it had fields.

It appears that the Governments at the time didn’t care a toss about the environment. Even more so!

As the railways came in, the urban regeneration was a lot worse. So public transport can be good, but it can certainly affect our surroundings by the urban sprawl.

Pavement Parking & Haringey Council

From the Haringey Council website:-

“What action does the Council take against pavement parking?

If you park a vehicle with one or more of its wheels on a pavement, or verge, and the area is not exempted from the ban, you risk receiving a Penalty Charge. The pavement parking ban applies at all times, including night time, weekends and public holidays.

There is no exemption from the pavement parking ban for Blue Badge holders.

Why is pavement parking a problem?
Pavements are constructed and provided for pedestrian use only. Vehicles parked on pavements are:

a hazard to pedestrians. A vehicle may cause an obstruction that may result in a pedestrian having to step off the pavement onto the roadway and therefore put themselves in danger.

a hazard to wheelchair users or pedestrians with pushchairs.

A vehicle parked on a pavement may restrict the width of the pavement and make it difficult to pass safely, and may result in that person being forced to step onto the roadway to avoid the obstruction.

a hazard due to the damage to tarmac or paving stones caused by driving on and off the pavement.

Reporting problems

We welcome reports of:

dangerous or unauthorised parking
overnight lorry parking

other parking problems.

When you telephone the Parking Helpline our customer assistant will try to handle your enquiry in full but for certain detailed information or action it might be necessary to transfer you to a specialist officer; alternatively we can arrange to call you back.

If a vehicle is parked in front of a single use access with a dropped footway, the Council may take action. Please contact us on 020 8489 2102.

All other situations of obstructions are dealt with by the Police”.

Please call the Parking Helpline on:

Tel 0845 073 1234 or 020 8489 1234 (Please call between 8am to 6pm Mondays and Fridays or 8am to 8pm Tuesdays to Thursdays)


Overseas News:Ahh Justice!

From MSN today

“Man runs pal over and kills himself
Police in the US said a man fatally shot himself in the head moments after realising he had run over a friend in a bar car park.
Sgt Scott Cottle of Summit County Sheriff’s office said witnesses saw Erich Schultz and Stacy DiJulius arguing in the car park after both had been drinking at a bar in Sagamore Hills, Ohio.
Sgt Cottle said 38-year-old Schultz tried to drive away in his Jeep, but DiJulius tried to enter the vehicle as it moved and fell under one of the wheels. “

CTC Cycle Mag- now Brilliant!

This mag arrived the same at as the LCC’s London Cyclist!

I have to say that a couple of journalists wrote an excellent tjhree page article on Bad Drivers and Road Safety and at times, blasting the Police (for not getting the right witnesses) and CPS for being. Well done for also tackling the rubbish legal system.

I liked also the fact that they said it wasn’t just about drunken motorists we were worried about, it is about just bad driving in general, even mentioning things like bad drivers not leaving adequate space for us.

I liked the fact that they said that good drivers don’t stop at ASLs at traffic lights.

I was also very interested in the statement they made that traffic police are 20% down! Yes, that’s right – down. In view of the appalling driving, more cars on the road and numbers of vulnerable people dying we need ore Traffic police not less.

Well done CTC.. and oh, about time too! They’re coming out of the mothballs!

It is brilliant. I shall keep reading it again.


I’ve just received my LCC bike mag

On the bright side they had two pages of Cyclejumbles.. reported on my other blog Now these have been knocking around for years but few cycling magazines have covered them. I am pleased, that at last, there has been more coverage. Especially, as Evans, which has a massive ad on the back page of their mag, is very expensive and often doesn’t have good stuff for women cyclists. I never go to Evans unless there is absolutely no choice. I don’t know what its ethical policy is either.

LCC state in their magazine,when talking about Boris’ plans ‘much more needs to be done to enable existing cyclists to travel more safely and also to attract new people’…

Yes, such as making the cycle paths safer – one thing for a start, just making them WIDER and not putting things like poles right in the middle of it…etc etc. Yes, a whole lot needs to be done and not ‘ignored’.

The blueprint is on and feedback can be made by sending an email to

Puncture kit (that’s the guy who has been on this blog a while ago with the ‘bike drums’) has got a mention in the magazine too. Better late than never!

I am pleased to see that there is an ad at the back that supports ethical bike clothing. I will certainly have a look at those.

Another thing is that they have mentioned ‘Traffic – by Tom Vanderbilt’… also mentioned on this blog a few weeks ago.

I may keep my membership going on at LCC just so that if you are a customer ‘there’s power’.

Finally, a letter from London Buses about the 381 driver

How many weeks, months or even years was it? Hmm, maybe the driver doesn’t even work there anymore. Still, I suppose they have several complaints about bad drivers, so I can understand ‘a bit of a queue’.

Unfortunately, they got the date wrong, so I have to go back and do a bit of digging. They have clearly lost my original complaint. Remember I took 3 copies – I had one, the Customer Service London Bridge ‘box’ had one and so did the HQ.

(update: from trawling my blog, the incident happened early in January not March as they had said).

“Thank you for your feedback. I am sorry for the delay in responding to you.

I was very disappointed to learn of the incident you describe that took place. As the public face of London Buses, our drivers are expected to behave in a polite and professional manner at all times. In addition to this, our drivers are obliged to adhere to the rules of the road. Parking within an Advance Stop Line (ASL) is unacceptable behaviour and I acknowledge that the driver’s rude attitude contributed to increase your dissatisfaction. Please accept my sincere apologies on behalf off the driver in question.

You will pleased to know that I have contacted Travel London, who operate route 381 on our behalf. They will endeavour to identify and interview the driver in question about his conduct, following this up with appropriate action in line with their internal procedures. For confidentiality reasons we cannot release details of an interview and any subsequent action taken. However this matter will be taken very seriously to ensure it does not happen again.

Let me assure you that we are totally committed to providing a first class service. Feedback from the public is very important in our continued effort to improve the level of service we offer”.

Grove Road

Grateful to Freewheeler at Crap Waltham who photographed a crashed car on Grove Road.

I cycle on that road occasionally and motorists do go fast there anyway. It looks like it is yet another drink driver. There seems to be a spate of this going on over there.

I am going to avoid using that road and I will tell other cyclists I know to avoid going there and use the side streets instead. It is unsurprising that other local cycling blogs don’t cover so as to warn other cyclists. Clearly this is not a safe road after all. LCC are unlikely to warn us. Thanks once again for the useful cycling road safety journalism. That’s why I keep that link on my site.

Blackspots on Streetview

It could be quite ‘interesting’ for residents to show newcomers to the area what Walthamstow Forest (or other London borough) is really (well reasonably bar airbrushing), like by photographing crashed cars (with a bit of the surroundings) at blackspots on certain streets (with the date and times).

Boris keeps ranting on about how great Streetview is, and yes it is, it will actually show people what a place is really like, not what the Council, Tfl and estate agents lead people, ie suckers, to believe. Let’s see the dead or live rats, old mattresses, rubbish, graffiti and stuff falling off council houses.

People should also see the ‘great cycling facilities’ London is supposed to have. They can also how much of the Cycling Superhighway has started.. or rather has not started at Aldgate.

I think Streetview should be added to all Council Websites and any website where people want to know ‘the truth’.

I particularly like the comments section you can put by the photographs 🙂

I have been on it for a short time and already have seen lots of congestion and rubbish. Yes, tourists may want to visit another country instead. Who wants to be run over or gassed with toxic air or even deafened? Who wants to see filthy buildings when they should be white?

Maybe Streetview is a way of getting the Councils to face their responsibilities (and some of the residents for that matter). Maybe London will improve.. who knows?

One of the benefits of Streetview is to see how congested a place is and try and cycle along better, perhaps more picturesque cycling routes.

More on Cycling Accident Maps

An excerpt form

“Govt data leads to creation of map of UK cycling accidents


By tony_farrelly – Posted on 12 March 2009

Data released by Government agency Directgov’s Innovation blog has lead to the creation of a map of all the reported accidents involving bicycles in the UK for the years 2005, 2006, and 2007. If you have Google Earth installed on your machine you can download the KML files of the data and check out the blackspots in your area.”

These can be seen on…/2918-govt-data-leads-creation-map-uk-cycling-accidents

I have added this link under Category Accidents. If for some reason, it doesn’t work, either do a Search on that website or go into Google and put in Cycling Accident Maps.

It has some good files to download.