London Assembly members

Here are the London Assembly members, with a little extra information from the London Assembly website and Wikipedia)

Note that the extra bits from Wiki are dated as from today’s date. If they are not on the site anymore, they could have been ‘taken off’.

Bear in Mind that Wiki can be incorrect sometimes but then, it can also be correct!


Tony Arbour (interest Met Police )
Gareth Bacon
Richard Barnes (Interest: Met Police)
Andrew Boff (Mayor’s Rep for Cycling in London), London Cycling Campaign, Friends of the Earth (‘an interest’)
Lady Victoria Borwick
James Cleverly (Major in Territorial Army, Interest: Met Police)
Brian Coleman (allegedly several motoring convictions, pro-motorcyclist-in-bus lanes)
Roger Evans
Kit Malthouse (Interest: Met Police) (was against congestion charge)
Steve O’Connell (interest: Met Police)
Richard Tracey (JP), Author ‘of World Motor Sport’


Darren Johnson (Interest: Met Police Auth), though Wikipedia added curious stuff about him standing as a Conservative in a mock election ‘to his shame’ or being dressed as Ivan the Terrible to get into an Arms Fair. Even a Knitting Circle is mentioned. Darren, please tell us what’s going on?! Anyway, the main thing is that there is no information on motoring disqualifications in his biography)
Jenny Jones (staunch road safety campaigner (and pristine Wikipedia biography)


Dee Doocey (Interest: Met Police Auth)
Caroline Pidgeon (Interest: Met Police Auth)
Mike Tuffrey (Interest: Amnesty Intl, Friends of the Earth, WWF)


Jennette Arnold
John Biggs
Len Duvall (Int: Met Police Auth)
Nicky Gavron(Integrated Transport)
Joanne McCartney
Murad Qureshi (Quality of Life for Londoners, Carbon Footprint, Sports) (ex Met Police Auth)
Navin Shah
Valerie Shawcross (Chair of Transport Committee)


Richard Barnbrook (Wiki – prev activist for the Labour Party)


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