Motorcyclists in Bus Lanes

Brian Coleman, who is staunch motorcyclists in bus lanes supporter, happens to be a Tory London Assembly member who has a string of motoring convictions, allegedly, according to Wikipedia:

“During his time as a councillor in the London Borough of Barnet, Coleman has built up a reputation as an outspoken supporter of car driving, leading Richard Littlejohn to label him a “hero” for introducing a policy of removing road humps when the roads of Barnet are resurfaced. Coleman quotes the Metropolitan Police and the London Ambulance Service as being supporters of this policy while road safety critics argue that the policy is reckless and driven by populism and self promotion”


“Coleman was caught by a speed camera exceeding a 30mph speed limit in Borehamwood in January 2006. He already had 9 points on his driving licence. On 9 August 2006 at St Albans Magistrates’ Court, Coleman was given three points on his licence, banned from driving for six months and fined £300”.

Do London Assembly Members have a Code of Conduct? Any Standards? Hmm, maybe it will be worth finding what other convictions London Assembly members have got…with the help of Good Ol’ Wikipedia.

Then it goes on…(if the previous paragraph wasn’t enough!)

“Woodside Park in London. The lane was closed by Barnet’s previous Labour council for safety reasons, not least that residents of nearby Woodside Park had been using the road as a high speed rat-run.

The road was reopened in December 2002[25], before being closed again two months later following a High Court judgement.

Following a £250,000 safety improvement project (including a pavement, traffic islands, 20mph flashing speed-limit signs and width restrictions) the road was reopened in September 2007. Coleman accused residents of staging one of the two car accidents reported in the weeks following the reopening of Partingdale Lane[.

A third collision in Partingdale Lane in May 2008 brought further criticism of Coleman. A Lib Dem councillor commented that “Brian Coleman is like a child with a favourite toy. He just wouldn’t let this go and his colleagues let him do it to make up for the fact that they’ll never make him leader of the council”. Coleman, cabinet member for community safety, said he was too busy to comment.

November 2008 saw a fourth crash in Partingdale Lane when a speeding car forced a parked vehicle into a ditch.”

and finally, on the London Assembly website it states somewhat ‘tamer’ biography:-

“Brian is the Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden and has served on Barnet Council since 1998 where he is the Cabinet Member for Community Engagement and Community Safety.

He is the Chairman of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (LFEPA) having served as Vice Chairman for several years. He was the first Conservative Chairman of the Assembly in 2004/05 and was re-elected to this office for 2006/07.

Brian is deeply committed to his local community in Barnet, as a Governor of two local secondary schools, a committee member of the Friends of Finchley Memorial Hospital and a Trustee of the Finchley Charities, which provides homes for over 300 elderly residents.

He is a member of Conservative Friends of Israel, and an active Methodist”


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