Motorists with a ‘villianous’ mindset

I received the ‘delightful’ comment, below, which was in response to my post a while ago about a London Bus Driver who dangerously stopped on a cyclists’ ASL by London Bridge ignoring cyclist’s safety. When I pointed this out to him, he promptly gave me a ‘V’ sign which further showed him up for being a yob. Being a Copenhagenchic person and not a ‘battleaxe, I didn’t stoop to his level and go into ‘fisticuff’ mode but reported him to Customer Services which was a more civil approach under the circumstances.

As someone who has seen a person killed by a bus about 20 years ago, near London Bridge, it is quite scary that someone with that mindset it is out on the roads.

“There is an easy and very effective solution to this problem. All the new buses should come with some kind of guided missile system incorporated in them. Nothing huge ofc, just a small missile big enough to clean the road from the only kind of scum who think he/she is the most precious and important thing on the road: the cyclist.

This kind of virus thinks that is normal and that actually he has the right to slow down a bus full of people (sometimes more the 100) that are trying to go to work/hospital or whatever by cycling in the middle of the bus lane at some ridiculous speed only because he probably thinks he’s saving the planet. Let me rephrase it if u didn’t get it the first time.
1 persons slows down 100 and thinks he is right.

then ofc u have the ones that are trying to overtake the bus (2 small shitty legs against a full bus engine) from the inside and then they get VERY upset when the bus won’t stop for them. They can overtake from the outside too (only if the bus driver stops the bus out of pity).

But please don’t get me wrong. I do agree with you about the bus driver giving you the V sign. He was wrong. Utterly wrong. In an ideal world he should have just been able to push a button and wipe your stupid bike of the road”.

In October 2008, Edmund King (AA President and Pashley & Marin cyclist),
said in The Guardian, ” I have been arguing for some time that we need more cops in cars to target crooks in cars. If the police target disqualified drivers and those who cause motoring offences they will be more effective in reducing general crime. A speed camera does not pick up a car with stolen plates but a traffic cop can. We need to reverse this trend and increase traffic cops not only to make our roads safer but to make society safer. We should never forget that it was a police officer on traffic duty who caught the Yorkshire Ripper”

Yes we want more traffic cops to deal with motorist maniacs.

I need to get back to Customer Services to let me know what happened to the Driver of the No 381. Interestingly enough, despite the motorist doing this illegally and V signing, I had no response. This clearly ‘how seriously London Transport takes this matter.


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