‘Keystone Cops’ confiscate cycle helmets & bike locks for ‘security’

Although this is technically a Kent story, I thought it worthy of being on this London blog. I want you lot to know what’s happening over there. And you thought you had it bad with Boris the Menace.

Now what’s bloomin’ going on in Bonkers Britain?

It’s time for me to sit down, aghast.

An excerpt from today’s Observer (thanks to blog reader Stuart Jeffrey for highlighting it on Twitter)

“Kent Police have been accused of setting a “dangerous precedent” when they confiscated hundreds of items of property – including children’s crayons, a clown’s outfit and a pensioner’s walking stick – from people attending an environmental protest camp at Kingsnorth power station.

A list of more than 2,000 possessions taken from protesters, who were repeatedly searched going to and from the camp last August, has been obtained through a freedom of information request by Liberal Democrat justice spokesman David Howarth.

It shows that officers took packets of balloon, tents, a clown’s outfit, camping equipment, cycle helmets and bike locks, plastic buckets, bin bags, blankets, soap, banners and leaflets, books, party poppers and nail clippers. A toy plastic gun, life-jackets, inflatable dinghies, paddles and foot pumps were also confiscated, police say, to stop protesters taking to the river around the Hoo peninsula in Kent. Much of the property has yet to be returned”.

I wonder how many have they confiscated and when they will hand them back. After all, cyclists have to have their cycle helmets for their own bloomin’ safety!

What do the lawyers say about this?!

One response to “‘Keystone Cops’ confiscate cycle helmets & bike locks for ‘security’

  1. The Bike Helmets are useless but I could not do without me Bike Lock.

    Shades of George Orwells 1984 and Big Brother The Government Throwing their Weight around all under the Guise of Public Safety.

    Deprive the People of the Necessities of Life so that they cannot Protest. They are breaking the Law,Depriving People of their Human Right to Protest.
    It is all very Similiar to the Greenham Common Women Protesting against the American Nuclear Ballistic Missiles being Sited there for Years and the Tacit Agreement of the British Government in letting them do it. There was Riots and Baton Charges for Years with the Police doing the Dirty Work of the Government in trying to force these Women from Protesting. It did not do any good they were just ignored and the Yanks took their Nuclear Missiles away a while ago very Quietly. I wonder did the Cops give them a Receipt for the Goods they Stole from them and if they will ever give them back.

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