Congestion, Noise & Traffic Fume outside Houses of Parliament

I had a bit of time and had a mosy round touristy London.

Here is my video. I was quite shocked at how awful it was here.

On the bright side, I bumped into a cyclist who liked my mirror. Even he said he wouldn’t cycle in London.

I have to say that I only walked here. It was really bad here. I saw a woman cyclist almost get squashed by a lorry.

It is just a matter of time before a another cyclist dies here.

This is Boris’ London.

Wonderful. Nearly one year on.. and you can see the difference, he has made to our quality of life.

I think this bit was going to be pedestrianised but I believe it was ‘rejected’.

and then, have a look at Transport for London have to say on their website…

“Walking is good for your health

It’s the nearest thing to perfect exercise – at least as effective as exercise at a gym. Walking can halve your risk of coronary heart disease and help prevent some cancers.Walking helps reduce stress

Walking regularly improves your well being and helps reduce stress.

Walking is cheaper
Not paying for the journey may make you smile too!

Walking leads to a greener planet
You can breath in more pollution inside your car than from walking the same route”

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