Feminism in London Conference

Years ago women weren’t allowed even to publish things other stuff about children and famillies. Even writing about nature was ‘pushing the boundary’ a bit.

Remember how they used to write under male names. How suppressed we were then. Luckily with the Suffrogette Movement and, ironically, with WW1, things slowly began to change. It is quite amazing that I am able to blog to you without being ‘hampered’ otherwise this blog would have to be written under ‘Veloman’! So I am fascinated by feminism and justice although to some people, it scares them, but it is really a question of not being ‘walked all over really.’ I always admire ‘enlightened pro-feminist men’, that’s really quite brave!

Anyway, I will note this Conference in my diary.

“Debate, Discuss, Develop

A 3D Look at Feminism in London

A one-day conference on feminism in London, featuring some of the many feminist activist groups that are campaigning in and around London. There will be talks, workshops and a chance to network. The event is for women and pro-feminist men”.

10am – 5.00pm, Saturday 10 October 2009

Venue: Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London, WC1R 4RL – view map

Nearest tube: Holborn

Cost: £3.50 waged, £1.50 unwaged

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