It’s not just knife crime where judges are lenient!

The ‘Theme of the Day’ still is ‘knife crime’ but when will lenient sentencing for killer motorists be properly tackled too?

From the Evening Standard:-

“Boris Johnson has launched a scathing attack on the criminal justice system, saying it is failing in the fight against knife crime.

The Mayor, who is chairman of the Metropolitan Police Authority, criticised judges in particular for failing to hand down tougher sentences to people caught with knives. In a speech to the London Crimestoppers annual dinner last night, he said: “I am worried that the criminal justice system is not fit for purpose and is too often letting us down.

“I am worried that where someone is convicted of a knife crime on too few occasions do we get the sentence we need.” He said the police initiative Operation Blunt 2, which was launched last year to combat the number of teenage killings, had recovered more than 4,000 knives from the streets — each of them a potential tragedy averted”


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