Motorists ignores Boy, 4, who cycled for 5 miles on his own

From the Telegraph (The Times also ran a similar article):

“Boy of four triggers police search with five mile solo bicycle ride
A boy of four triggered a full-scale police search after he embarked on a five-mile bicycle ride all alone.

At least 10 police cars, a helicopter and officers on the beat were drafted in to search for Cole Honeywood after he vanished from his home.

Cole’s panic-stricken parents Hayley and Carl also alerted family and friends to join the search amid fears the little boy had been abducted.

Oblivious to the escalating drama, he crossed two busy roads during the morning rush hour and pedalled to all his favourite places, including the local hairdresser.

He was eventually found by police after 45 minutes at the entrance of Nicholas Everitt Park at Oulton Broad, near Lowestoft, Suffolk”.

What puzzles me is that no motorist who, should have noticed the boy, stopped to raise the alarm much earlier. Not even a pedestrian or cyclist either. I don’t get it.

When I cycle, I often see kids walking way behind their parents, and I make sure the parent is nearby, otherwise I would raise the alarm myself.

I bet, in a normal country, people would have reported such a young child to the police.

What kind of country are we?


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