Cycling Sexism: The 24-Carat Gold Gent’s Racing Bike

From Bike Radar’s website:-

“Scandinavian design company Aurumania have launched a limited edition run of 10 of the world’s most expensive bike.

At €80,000, (that’s just over £60,000 or USD118,000) each bike is hand-built and gold-plated with 24-carat gold, then decked out with over 600 Swarovski crystals” and comes with a Brooks saddle.

And what about women’s bike? Why do we get left out again? Sexism at Large!

I am going to contact the company and ask if they will do any women’s bikes?


UPDATE:Just sent email:

Expecting this kind of reply:

1) None
2) No call for it (where’s the proof?)
3) It will be even more expensive so not worth it
4) We never thought of it
5) But women don’t like bikes
6) Women don’t race

I think it is made for rich male Olympians/Tour de France riders.

As a bike collector myself, I quite like it and it would make a great family heirloom although way out of my league though. Shame it hasn’t been put on Youtube yet.


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