The European Parliament discuss Industrial Pollution

On 6th March 2009, they discussed this:-

“The proposed Integrated Pollution, Prevention and Control (IPPC) Directive will review and bring together in one text seven existing directives on industrial emissions. It is estimated that the new IPPC regime will limit pollution from 52,000 industrial installations across Europe, from large combustion plants to waste incinerators and from poultry or pig farms to cement factories.

The 80 amendments adopted in the Parliament’s Environment Committee seek to strengthen the existing rules on emissions, but at the same time allow for flexibility based on best available techniques and taking account of local circumstances.

Many of the amendments deal with the criteria for such installations to operate, in many cases easing the inspection and monitoring regimes. Among the changes proposed:

That minor extensions to combustion plants should not be taken into account in calculating emission limit values;
To raise the threshold from 350 operating hours a year to 500 hours for combustion plants with a rated thermal input below 50MW;
On poultry farms, the European Commission should offer guidance on ‘equivalent nitrogen excretion factors’.
This is the 1st reading in the codecision procedure where the European Parliament has equal decision-making power with the Council of Ministers. The timing of the new regime depends on agreement being reached on the text. If the Council does not accept all amendments adopted at 1st reading the proposal will return for a 2nd reading at a later stage”

I am going to add The European Parliament to my links.


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